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It was my first foray into really client-side JavaScript-heavy work.

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In terms of JavaScript frameworks, I had only ever used a bit of jQuery. I was now faced with writing React! I nodded and said okay and looked at the Github pages for Flux and Redux, but to be honest, I had no idea what these libraries did or why I would want to use one. However, I found it a useful place to start when I was building my understanding.

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For example, I load a page. I click a button which makes an HTTP request. The HTTP request fails, and the screen now shows an error. State management libraries provide us with tools for creating these data structures, and updating them when new actions occur. For example, with Redux, your state is stored as a JavaScript object. Without a state management system, how do we know what the state of our application is? We look at the DOM.

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With a state management system, to find out what the state of our application is, we check our state data structure. For me, the key to understanding state management was when I realised that there is always state.

Rather than looking at the DOM and deducing state based on what is there and what is not, an explicit data structure is much easier to understand. An example is a photocopy of your marriage certificate. The Swedish kandidatexamen is the degree received after completing studies at the bachelor's level first cycle. Students with foreign qualifications need the equivalent of the Swedish Bachelor's degree kandidatexamen in order to be eligible for studies at the master's level second cycle. Any documents that you scan for uploading must be from original documents.

If the document has any elements that are in colour - stamps, text, signatures etc. Be sure that everything in the document is visible on the scan, especially embossed stamps. Find out more at Uploading instructions.

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University Admissions only requires one set of documents. If you've uploaded your documents, do not then send copies via regular mail. If you've sent copies via regular mail, do not upload them. You need only do one or the other, not both as it delays the processing of your application.

Do not upload more than one copy of the same document. Multiple copies of the same documents delays the processing of your application.

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If there is anything more that is required, you'll be sent a message at your account here at Universityadmissions. We use cookies here at Universityadmissions. If you have your web browser set to not allow cookies, many of the features and functions will not be accessible. By continuing, you accept the use of cookies during your time on this website. OK, I understand. Go to content Log out. Find a course Find out more Log in My pages.

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Applying for studies Entry requirements English language requirements Documenting your eligibility for studies Application process Selection process Fees and scholarships. Practical information Key dates and deadlines Timeline and checklist Two admission rounds for each semester Spring semester course availability Admissions support Residence permit for studies. What are you looking for? Documenting your eligibility for studies Instructions for Master's applicants Step 1: Finding out what I need to submit Step 2: Checking for special instructions for my country of study Step 3: Making sure my documents are officially issued Step 4: Submitting my English documentation Step 5: Submitting my documents Incomplete documentation and verification For students in their final year of bachelor's studies Instructions for Bachelor's applicants.

Step 1: Finding out what I need to submit In order for your application to be processed, all required documents must be submitted. Required documentation for all master's applicants In order to complete your admissions application, you must provide the following documents after submitting your online application. Have you finished your studies but have not yet received your diploma?

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In this case, you must submit an official statement from your university that you have finished your studies and will be receiving your diploma. You can find out how to get a correct statement here. Be sure to check the special instructions for your country to see if there is anything specific you need to do.