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Sheltered housing Care homes Sharing a home Downsizing Retirement villages Real-life stories Care homes and support at home near you. Care homes and support at home near you Use our directory to find local care homes, home care agencies and carer support services across the UK.

End of life Guidance on the practical and emotional aspects at the end of life, from planning end of life care to arranging a funeral and coping with bereavement. Care at the end of life Planning for the end of life What to do when someone dies Funeral arrangements Coping with bereavement Which? Wills From writing your will, to setting up your Power of Attorney, Which? Care services directory. In this article. What is a carer? What does a carer do? What do caring duties include? A person might need care due to: serious illness or injury either on a short- or long-term basis physical or mental disability reduced mobility see our guide to mobility aids mental health issues dementia.

Sign up to Later Life Care emails. Receive expert guidance on caring for older people. Our emails are free and you can stop them any time. How can a Power of Attorney help? Find out how setting up a Power of Attorney can help a loved one manage their money in the future, if they become unable to. Share this page. Further reading Looking after yourself If you care for a loved one, it can be easy to forget about your own needs. Related content Care homes and support at home near you Use our directory to find local care homes, home care agencies and carer support services across the UK.

If you are aged , live in Croydon and care for someone with a physical disability, mental health issue, long-term illness or learning disability, call the Young Carers Service on , option 2 or email youngcarers talkofftherecord. Outside of Croydon? Contact the Carers Trust. Every local authority is required by law to have a Local Offer of services and support available to disabled children and young people and their families and carers. Visit the Croydon Local Offer.

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Short breaks can include: after school clubs, holiday clubs, care for your child in the home during the day, overnight care and residential care. In Croydon, you may be able to access many short breaks, such as youth clubs, after school clubs and the annual summer scheme, without having an assessment. You can contact them on and ask for an assessment of your child's needs and your needs as a family. Please bear in mind that having an assessment does not necessarily mean you will receive support services; you will only receive support if your child is assessed as having eligible needs.

Contact formerly Contact a Family is a national charity for families with disabled children. They provide information, advice and support to families, including a general helpline, education helpline, comprehensive information on their website and local parent support groups. This includes information on local policy and SEN law, support resolving disagreements with the local authority, individual casework and representing families at meetings, support managing mediation and SEN Tribunal appeals, and signposting to further help.

They run a term-time advice drop-in at the Carers Support Centre. Parents in Partnership PIP supports parents of disabled children and young people or children and young people with special educational needs SEN between 0 — 25 years old living in Croydon. Their Family Link Workers can provide you with information, advice and emotional support. They can also direct or refer you to relevant support services in the borough.

SENDirect is an online directory and information hub for families with a child with a disability or SEN created by a consortium of nine charities. Here are some general tips and resources to support you to look after your health whilst caring:. Tell your GP that you are a carer: It's important to ensure that your GP is aware of the impact caring has on your health. Ways your GP can support you may include placing you on their Carers' Register, giving you information about local carer support, keeping a closer eye on your overall health, offering you a flu jab in the winter flu period if eligible and demonstrating greater flexibility when offering you appointments.

We also have a web section especially for GPs.

Support for family carers who care for an elderly person at home - a systematic literature review.

Get enough sleep: Many carers experience sleep difficulties due to stress and caring responsibilities. One of our trainers offers practical techniques to help you sleep better and feel more refreshed. Eat and exercise well: Eating a healthy, balanced diet and getting regular exercise can be a real struggle when you are caring.

Care of the Elderly: Cherry Ward

If you are finding this tough to achieve because of your caring role, speak to your GP. Get a free flu jab for you, as well as the person you care for: If you care for an ill or disabled person who may be at risk if you fell ill, or if you receive Carer's Allowance, you are entitled to a free NHS flu jab. In partnership with community pharmacies, we offer free flu jabs for carers every winter. Try to find time to relax: Carers are often 'time poor', but even setting aside a short period of relaxation time for yourself can make a difference.

We run a range of wellbeing activities at the Carers Support Centre, including massage, singing and dance. Talk to someone: If you are feeling stressed and want to speak to someone outside the situation, you can talk to an Advice Worker at the Carers Support Centre , call us on , option 1 or email enquiries carersinfo. If you need support from a counsellor, Mind in Croydon offers six free counselling sessions for carers.

Please be aware the above information is for general information purposes only. If you need medical advice, speak to your GP or relevant health professional. Some people find it helpful as their employer may be more understanding about your situation. Your employer may also have additional policies which go above and beyond the legal requirements.

Flexible working: If you have been in your current job for 26 continuous weeks or more with a few exceptions, such as if you are an agency worker , you have the right to ask for flexible working. This is different to the right to receiving flexible working. For further information about how to make a flexible working request, visit Carers UK. Time off for dependants: If you care for someone and you need to take time off to deal with an emergency, you may be able to use the right to time off for dependants. The time off you take will need to be reasonable in the circumstances and does not have to be paid.

Leaving work due to caring responsibilities: Leaving work is a big decision and you will need to think about the financial implications, and the impact on your own wellbeing and confidence. If you do leave work and your income changes, you may need to look at claiming financial support - see our Money Matters factsheet.

Going back to work: If you have left work due to caring responsibilities, there may come a time when you wish or are able to return to employment. Gateway Employment hosts bookable employment advice appointments for carers and former carers at the Carers Support Centre. See What's On for the latest dates. More information: ACAS has online information on employment rights and responsibilities, a helpline and an early resolution service before employment cases reach tribunal.

How do people become carers?

Their helpline is open Monday to Friday, 8am-8pm and Saturday 9am-1pm. Working Families has a dedicated helpline for people caring for a disabled child or adult. Call or email janet.

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Carers UK has a downloadable guide on your rights as a carer. This includes information on benefits, getting support, making decisions and rights in the workplace. When you are caring for someone, is a good idea to put together an emergency plan in case something happens and you are temporarily unable to provide care.

To create your emergency plan, you will need to know:. You can also download our Carers Emergency Plan Guidance , with tips on how to put your plan together and ideas to help you prepare for emergencies. For help inserting photos, download the instructions.

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If you would like more support filling in your emergency plan, contact the Carers Information Service on , option 1 or email enquiries carersinfo. The card identifies you as a carer and provides emergency contact details. Cards can be picked up for free at the Carers Support Centre. Useful contacts: Find a list of useful emergency contacts in Croydon using our local directory. Lasting Power of Attorney allows a person to make decisions on behalf of a person who lacks mental capacity.

Mental capacity is the ability to make and communicate decisions. When making a Lasting Power of Attorney, the person who gives permission for someone to make decisions on their behalf is called a donor. There are two types of Lasting Power of Attorney: Property and Financial Affairs which covers financial and property decisions and Health and Welfare which covers decisions about health and care. When setting up a Lasting Power of Attorney for Property and Financial Affairs, a person can choose to allow their attorney to make decisions about finances on their behalf before they lose mental capacity.

A Lasting Power of Attorney for Health and Welfare can only be used once a person loses mental capacity. See GOV.