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The President uses abhorrent language that was intended to make weak Americans fear migrants as potential assailants who are out for blood. He characterizes them as subhumans assembling to either take over America or destroy it. The only thing Castro's tweet did was identify people who support Trump. Apparently they aren't especially proud of that decision. To the contrary, Junior and the Fox hosts agree that merely being associated with Trump's reelection effort is so reprehensible that it makes them potential targets for murder. That says more about what they think of themselves than anything else.

Think about that. There don't appear to be any Biden or Sanders, or Warren, or Harris or And to be fair, neither do most of Trump's supporters. This expression of fear by Junior and Fox is an utterly dishonest charade intended to disparage Castro and some nebulous conspiracy of allegedly hostile lefties. But when Junior was asked whether the list of Trump donors might really cause someone to hurt any of them, he conceded that it wouldn't, except under certain circumstances:. So Junior is now admitting that unstable people could take the words of an influential leader as an inspiration to commit unlawful and violent acts.

Which is precisely the charge that has been leveled at Trump. And it's the same charge that Junior, Fox News, and the rest of Wingnutia, have been been so fiercely denying. Now, despite the fact that it doesn't fit their narrative, they are validating it anyway.

In fresh blow to Canada PM Trudeau, lawmaker quits his caucus | News | The Mighty KFGO

Junior went on to whine just like Daddy about the tribulations of politics. We don't do the organized boycotts that the left does. But then there isn't really much reason to listen to Trump when he lies so frequently and brazenly, In fact, just this morning, when asked by reporters if he regrets any of the harsh and divisive rhetoric he uses, he said that "No, I think my rhetoric brings people together. There is simply no satisfactory response to that degree of delusion. Your support would be appreciated by following me on Facebook and Twitter.

Chet : You, too, Gordon. How are those prize-winning hogs? He had it made in the shade, said my complacent conservative friends.

Couch Potatoes Political Caucus

The result was brutal. But we do not have to look back 32 years to see how unruly the leftwing mob can be. Recall the recent fate of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Only his courage and unscotchable determinate saved him. The simple fact is that the conservatives are often slow on the draw against the American left. It is time for the conservatives to rally around him.

He can probably win with the President on his side.

Couch Potatoes Political Caucus

He apparently has the votes. A Spinster of This Parish. Trump Knows Ukraine Owns the Democrats. Flynn Files. Impeachment Through Swamp-Covered Glasses. Hither and Yon. The Democrats have been working since to build up their on-the-ground organizations in key states like Ohio and Pennsylvania. Because Bush is so unpopular and the GOP obviously so vulnerable, opinion polls tell us that there is tremendous electoral enthusiasm among Democratic rank and file -- and concomitant gloom and disillusionment on the Republican side.

So check the news early for turnout reports from key areas. Look for whether turnout is higher this year in Democratic urban strongholds, and lower in GOP suburban or rural ones. This will tell you a lot about each party's congressional and gubernatorial possibilities. What about fraud? In in Florida and in Ohio, fraud made a world of difference in close contests.

As early as noon on Tuesday, you should begin to get a sense of how much of a problem fraud will be this time around. Many people are terrified that the new electronic voting machines will be the means to falsify vote totals as was apparently done in Ohio in and so steal elections -- especially with no paper trails available for recounts.

However, the biggest threat is old-fashioned indeed: legal and illegal methods that block eligible voters from voting.

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Two examples will illustrate how this can be done. In the election, Republicans in Florida disenfranchised over 10, voters, by purging names from the voting lists that happened to match the names of convicted felons. When these voters showed up at the polls, they were simply declared ineligible; and, by the time they took their case to court, George W.

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Bush was already president. The excluded voters were largely African American and would have voted overwhelmingly in the Democratic column. In Ohio in , election officials simply did not provide enough voting machines in predominantly Democratic areas, so many potential voters waited all day in endless lines without ever getting the chance to vote, while others grew discouraged and left.

There seems little doubt that the excluded voters would have tipped the state to Kerry -- and this act of voter suppression wasn't even illegal. This year, GOP state officials in as many as a dozen states have already made good use of the legal system to exclude otherwise eligible voters. They have, for instance, passed laws that will disqualify people who think they are eligible to vote.

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One common way to do this is by requiring a state-issued picture ID a driver's license , which many old and poor people guaranteed to fall heavily into the Democratic column do not have. These potential voters will simply be turned away and, by the time anyone can register a meaningful complaint, the election will be a fait accompli. Watch especially for complaints in the following states that have passed such laws or similar ones to the same end : Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Missouri, South Dakota, Texas, and Virginia. But Ohio will probably be the worst, since Republican officials there have developed an ingenious electoral "purging" system.

State-appointed officials are allowed but not required to eliminate people from the voting rolls for a variety of minute irregularities -- without notifying them.

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This year, only strongly Democratic districts had their rolls purged, while strongly GOP districts, not surprisingly, went untouched. On Election Day, many voters, possibly hundreds of thousands statewide, are going to show up at the Ohio polls and be told they are not eligible. So start looking for news reports early in the day reflecting the following symptomatic problems: 1 voting sites with tremendous long lines because there aren't enough machines to accommodate all the voters; 2 people in enough numbers to catch reportorial eyes who claim that they have been declared ineligible on appearing at the polls.

Expect virtually all affected people to be Democratic. Joseph Lieberman, the defeated Democrat, is leading as an independent. If Lieberman beats Ned Lamont, but then caucuses with the Democrats not exactly a given, despite his promises , then in addition to holding those six, they have to win six of the eight GOP races.

Right now the Democrats seem likely to win three of these -- Pennsylvania ousting the odious Rick Santorum , Ohio barring massive disfranchisement and fraud and Rhode Island replacing the most liberal Republican in the Senate, Lincoln Chafee. The latest polls indicate that they are behind but not out of it in Tennessee see below and Arizona where incumbent Jon Kyl is leading shopping-center magnate Jim Peterson.

Their best chances to get those crucial three more seats are Virginia where incumbent George Allen has given away the lead with verbal gaffs , Missouri where Michael J. Fox and a statewide referendum on stem-cell research may put underdog challenger Claire McCaskill over the top , and -- most surprising of all Montana where the Abramoff scandal has given challenger Jon Testor a slight lead.

Among the approximately 60 house seats now generally agreed to fall into the category of "contested," all but six are currently held by Republicans. The Democrats need just 33 of these, a little over half, to claim the House. It's obvious why so many people are predicting that the Democrats will win.

Three states to watch: New York at least 5 contested seats may be a real bellwether, since the results will come in early.