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Get excited for them.

Dance Until It Rains

Get happy for them. Know that if they can dance you can too!!!!! Another story that makes my heart happy and reminds me of persistence without exception is a story of a well loved author. When Dr.

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One publisher saying that his work was just too different from the other books for juveniles on the market to warrant selling. The gift that you bring to my life and to the world can only be brought by you. You have a special dance that only you can dance. If you just keep on dancing what you are dancing for will come to you and grab a friend and break it down with them. All Rights Reserved.

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  8. Like Liked by 1 person. Where your focus goes, your energy flows. Whatever you believe, you will attract into your life. Thanks for sharing!

    Dance Until It Rains

    Like Like. Great read! I love the example of the different tribes and their varying levels of success with the rain dances. I LOVE this concept. Any rain dance is percent effective if you just keep dancing until it rains.

    How simple but how poignant! Thanks for sharing, Josiah. I always get something inspirational when I come to your blog. Thanks for sharing, Karen! I love this, and I absolutely needed to read this at this point in my life. You look at others and wonder how their success seems to come to them so effortlessly. You just have to keep dancing until it does and believe that it will. Excellent post, as always. Such a powerful response to this piece! As you so beautifully captured, we have to set our expectations high and be persistent in the pursuit of greatness.

    Thanks for sharing. The track is available because it has been viewed almost 60x already. It could be that the issue might be on your end…perhaps your browser. Cool beans. I just saw that. Hey what software do you use for your podcast?

    I can be reached at josiah. I like this post. Learning to dance until it rains. I guess the issue though is sometimes figuring out if you should keep dancing or if perhaps you need to find another rain to dance towards. What I mean is deciding if what you need is consistency or realizing that what you are doing is perhaps not for you.

    How do you balance that out? You raise an important point. I believe I covered some aspects of your question in one of my recent podcast episodes. Reblogged this on Dragons Rule OK.

    Dance Until it Rains

    Of course the clouds finally came and rained as that one African tribe had people dancing for who know for how long! Of course the clouds finally came and rained as that one African tribe had people dancing for who knows how long! Keep on dancing! Very well written.

    Dance Until it Rains (Audiobook) by Andrew Jobling |

    I love the examples. I think other dancers would stop the rain if there is too much. Both are good reasons to dance and enjoy the world around us. A cool mist is falling, surfers in body suits hanging ten, and visitors and townsfolk are preparing for another explosive 4th of July. This small town waits for this holiday and competes well with the large towns. Everybody dances and the weather forecast calls for beautiful sunsets with chances of showers. Thanks for your inspiring blog.

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