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Dreaming about galloping horses or a drove of horses running suggest you are actively looking for a solution to a problem, which will be solved and you will see the dawn of life. Dreaming about a pony suggests good news; if the pony was with a mare, it is even more auspicious. Dreaming about riding a horse suggests you will gain both fame and wealth or solve a problem.

When it comes to sex, the dream suggests a strong sexual urge and desire. If you are a man, the dream of riding a horse with your girlfriend suggests you will get married soon. If you are a girl, the dream of riding a horse with your boyfriend suggests your love might be thwarted by your parents. If you are a married woman, it suggests you will enjoy family peace and good sexual life. If you are a divorced woman, the dream of riding a horse with a man suggests you will meet your Mr. Right and get married.

If you are a patient, the dream of riding a horse suggests you will pull through. If you rode a horse and it suddenly jumped in the dream, it suggests you can hardly realize your ideal. Dreaming about falling down from a horse suggests you will be frustrated in workplace or officialdom, and pay for your mistakes, even get demoted or discredited. If a horse kicked you in the dream, it reminds you not to be arrogant and suggests you might be refused by the one you love or you will get into trouble because of the deteriorated health.

If you were bitten by a horse in the dream, it reveals that you will get promoted or an official position. If you were followed by a horse in the dream, it means you will win honor, such as an honorary title. Dreaming about buying or selling a horse suggests you might be deceived by someone you trust. She adores children…. Offered for on….

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Sort Horses by Photo Ads are Free Get more exposure to sell your horse faster. Grit- Trail Rider Dream Horse.

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Broke Enough to Go Any Direction. Breed Paint. Sex Gelding. Height hh View Details. Breed Thoroughbred. Color Chestnut.

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Breed Appaloosa. Sex Filly. For instance, look at constructive ways to support others while taking into account your own needs. A black horse in a dream could represent a part of the shadow self or a part of your personality that you usually prefer to keep hidden; instinctual urges operating in the dark recess of your mind; the unknown, what is mysterious. White is associated with elevating your mood or spiritual aspirations; the white horse is a symbol for developing awareness of your instincts and intuition.

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The horse spirit animal could symbolize business-related matters or romantic and sexual aspects of a relationship. The dream could signal that you need to weigh pros and cons of a situation or relationship that looks uncertain or risky. Is your horse winning or losing in the race? The outcome may reflect how you feel regarding your relationship, especially as it relates to sexuality.

Horseshoes are symbols of chance; they are considered as lucky charms in a lot of cultures and could be a sign that luck is on its way in resolving matters regarding personal health, relationship and possibly business. A horse who talks in your dream could be a manifestation of your animal spirit guide bringing you a message from your instinctive self or your unconscious. Find out now with the new Spirit Animal Quiz. This free online quiz will help you find your spirit animal the easy way. Read More. I had a dream about a three brown horses that were being ridden by children inside of a movie theatre.

They were jumping over the seats and running around the theatre in a circular fashion.

It was interesting. I had a dream last night I bumped into a white horse in labor, I had to help her deliver, after giving birth to its child, it begged me to please help her take care of her baby then it took off. Please what could it mean? Am really looking forward to a reply am very curious.

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I had a dream just now am…woke me up. Worried about the horse being taken back from me; looking for the white horse…I felt distressed, worried.

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  7. I needed the horse. My aunt confused.

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    My cousin and I trying to make something workout. Whats this dream symbolism?.. I had a dream just now am I kept being Worried about the horse being taken back from me …I felt distressed, worried. One day early morning I open the back door house I see the horse again wet lying grass waiting for me looks really happy and stand up. I let go inside vthe house make it dry and provide food. I cannot find where ever I look inside the house.

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    What is the meaning of this? I had a dream about a light brown horse that was in my room, I was petting it and everything was going fine till I went to sit down the bored started to attack me bit me and then I woke up, what dose this me? I dreamed that I inherited a white horse and lots of beautiful green land. Then she told me to look over the beautiful green land because it was mine.

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    Left me feeling peaceful and happy. My Palomino this week lost the love of his life Hannah she was only 13 years old but in both front knees came down with Osteoarthritis.