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Geoffrey Chaucer. The Seventeenth - Century Literature Handbook. Marshall Grossman. Medieval Shakespeare. Ruth Morse. The Cambridge Companion to English Literature, — Arthur F. Reading Memory in Early Modern Literature. Andrew Hiscock. Education in Renaissance England. Kenneth Charlton. Elizabeth Williamson.

Shakespeare and the Middle Ages. Curtis Perry. The Iliad. Anthony Verity. Shakespeare's Dramatic Heritage. Glynne Wickham. The Complete Fables. The Cambridge Companion to Ben Jonson. Richard Harp. Writing the Monarch in Jacobean England. Jane Rickard. The Cambridge Companion to Tacitus. Deborah Payne Fisk. Aristotle: Nicomachean Ethics. Writing Metamorphosis in the English Renaissance. Susan Wiseman. Kazantzakis, Volume 1. Peter Bien. Professor John Sitter. Callimachus in Context.

Benjamin Acosta-Hughes. The Reader in the Book. Stephen Orgel. Richard Swan.

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The Cambridge Companion to Lucretius. Stuart Gillespie. A Student's Guide to Classics. Bruce S Thornton. An Introduction to Medieval English Literature.

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Dr Anna Baldwin. Anne of France: Lessons for my Daughter. Sharon L. Alexander Pope. Paul Baines. Shaping Remembrance from Shakespeare to Milton. Patricia Phillippy. Ancient Greek Scholarship. Eleanor Dickey. The Political Biographies of Cornelius Nepos. R Stem. Thomas Heywood's Theatre, — Richard Rowland. The Catholic Imaginary and the Cults of Elizabeth, — Stephen Hamrick. Like the mind itself, it is an ever-changing place, not a stable one, and, like the mind, it is dependent on its openness for its vigor Kinch If it is an image of the mind, the House of Rumor sets the mental sphere up as ever changing and intersubjective, in stark contrast to a fortified castle or locked chamber.

As neuroscientists tell us, the structure of the brain changes depending on how we use it; it is part of its environment, not a closed-off, stable construction Maguire et al.

Similarly, the House of Rumor, in its defiant instability, is an engine room for change, creativity, and imaginative flexibility. The movement toward more experimental and interconnected methodologies could also serve as a metaphor for recent critical moves, as scholars focus on cultural networks, collaborative authorship, intersubjectivity, animal studies, and ecocriticism. Contemporary Chaucer scholarship is deeply invested both in reconstructing the cultural assumptions and imaginative structures of the later fourteenth century and in thinking about Chaucer in relation to twenty-first-century concerns, whether these are theoretical, scientific, environmental, medical, social, or political.

These two imperatives are not mutually exclusive. Aers, D. Brighton: Harvester, Find this resource:. Hemel, Hempstead: Harvester, Bennett, J. Boitani, P.

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