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Every day, Anne finds herself seeking refuge in the Chicago Public Library, burying herself in her favorite history, science, and math View Product.

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Beast in the Tower. Months ago, arsonists burned Dr. Damon Sinclair's laboratory. Now Damon is a recluse, shut in Now Damon is a recluse, shut in at the top of his unfinished Sinclair Tower. And at the very bottom is the affectionate Kit Snow and her down-home diner. After stopping a back-alley Bride of the Tower. She knew not if her unexpected guest was friend or foe, but infinitely more dangerous than any Anthony Hope was an English novelist and playwright.

Collection of Yet the soulstone, the instrument of the return of the Frostborn, has been stolen by a ruthless cult and secured Last Man in Tower. At the heart of this novel are two equally compelling men, poised for a showdown. They take it for granted she will want to come back with them, but she changes into a bird and flies back to her earthly home. It is somber, as you said, but beautiful. There is a sequel called Bettyann's Children.

Thanks to the people who have sent suggestions. The book definitely isn't No Flying in the House.

The story I'm thinking of is fairly somber. I'll try to find a copy of the Young They sound promising. The girl's name is Anna Lavinia, she travels on a train and is given, I think, some kind of food by an old woman. Whether or not it's jelly donuts, I can't confirm right now, since my Mom has the book.

Do "lavender blue days" a cat named Strawberry and floating down to the ground with an umbrella after jumping off a cliff sound familiar? Dorothy Canfield, Understood Betsy , 's, approximate. In this book, there is a chapter where Betsy and Molly go to the fair and the people they are supposed to ride home with leave without them. Betsy earns the money for train tickets by running the donut booth so the girl can go to dance with her boyfriend for an hour.

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When the girl comes back, she hands Betsy a bag of donuts. Maybe this is your book? Catherine Storr, Marianne Dreams. The link has a synopsis of the story. Doesn't quite match the description in the stumper, but some how it feels like it might be the book being looked for. I read the book a while ago. Our local library no longer has a copy, but wasn't a movie made of it a year or two ago? Thanks for the feedback, but this book is definitely not Marianne Dreams.

I do remember Marianne Dreams though, as it was a TV series in England during the Seventies, and I was disturbed by the rocks with eyes. I also thought it silly that she drew a lighthouse as a light source to aid their escape, instead of a constant source of light. Kate Seredy, The Good Master.

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Kathryn Worth, They Loved to Laugh. A deluge of ripe apples is Martitia's introduction to the five fun-loving Gardner boys when their father, Dr. David, brings the sixteen-year-old orphan girl to the hospitable Gardner home in North Carolina. They Loved to Laugh.

This is about a young girl, Martitia? Her aunt always says, "Every tub must stand on its own bottom" and the boys make her think she is eating dog meat. Daringer, Helen F. Wonderful book about an orphan who goes to stay with an older woman, then stays with a lively family on a farm and has to decide if she will stay there or return to the woman. Thank you. They loved to laugh could indeed be a possibility and it's good to know that it's been reprinted. I had considered Kate Seredy's books before, but the descriptions don't sound right nor the Hungarian setting.

I am very sure this story takes place entirely in the USA.

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Carol Brink, Caddy Woodlawn. Caddy herself lives on a farm with her siblings however, some cousins from the city visit, and there's a lot of adjustment and "growing up," including "goading" of each other.

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As I recall, Caddy's a tomboy and the girl cousins aren't, which leads to problems. The "mood" and time you described seemed right, so I wondered if maybe your memory had inadvertently "reversed" the plot, remembering the more common plot where the protagonist goes to the cousins' farm instead of having cousins come to hers. Since you've tried so many other books with no luck, I thought I'd suggest this.

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Louisa M. Alcott, Eight Cousins. A long shot -- but perhaps this is it? There is a hoard of cousins Thank you for these additional tips! I will give Adopted Jane a try and take another look at Caddie Woodlawn and also the sequel Magical melons. I had dismissed "Caddie" for the very reason you stated, but one never knows how memory can play tricks!

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This is probably a long shot, as it's such a well-known book, but is there any chance this could be Anne of Green Gables or one of its sequels? This one kind of fits. The character is named Julie. She goes to live with her aunt after her mother dies. The book covers her life from age 7 to age 18 or so.

Louisa May Alcott, Eight Cousins. This is a far out in left field suggestion but it does involve hoards of cousins. Rose is orphaned and is sent to live with her father's aunts in San Francisco.

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She befriends her 7 boy cousins and they have adventures that include sailing, gardening, visiting the country, etc. She spends a great deal of time adjusting to her new life since she has spent most of her life in a girls' boarding school. Thanks for more suggestions. No, it's not Eight Cousins or any of L. Montgomery's books. My sense is that the author is much more obscure and that's one reason I can't pin down this book. Maybe too young, but have the feel that you're looking for. Nine-year-old Nancy is sent to live with her Swedish grandparents for a year.

I wanted flowered wallpaper and a sewing basket for years after reading these books. Elizabeth Witheridge, Never Younger, Jeannie , It's great to have so many possibilities and to re-read and get acquainted with some excellent books. I am working my way through all your suggestions. Unfortunately, I know now that my long lost book is not either of the Caddie books, which are simply wonderful stories. In fact, I am wondering if my unknown writer writes as well as some of these others. I think my adult self may be alot more critical of a very sentimental, sweet, and even overwrought story which I suspect I am looking for.

It may also be written even earlier than I think - two reasons why I am doubtful about Up a road slowly which is next in line. Thank you again to everyone, and I will continue to keep you posted. Jean Webster, Daddy Long Legs. This is a total long shot.