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The class needs Ralphie to give them a story idea for broadcast day, but Ralphie is sick. His mother Tyne Daly , a doctor, refuses to allow him to go to school. When Ms. Frizzle says that there is an amazing battle going on inside him, the class decides broadcast day should be about whatever is making Ralphie sick. After shrinking and going into Ralphie's veins through a cut, the class travels to Ralphie's sore throat to see what is making him sick. Then, after they forget to stay out of the crossfire, his white blood cells see the bus as a threat and attempts to devour it.

Arnold and Keesha were supposed to do a "bring-in" of two beach things that go together for a report, but they had both completely forgotten about it. Keesha brought in a tuna fish sandwich, and Arnold brought the "scum" he got on his shoe when he stepped into a pond. The two have nothing in common Animal habitats.

Members of the class are bringing animals to school and Wanda has brought her frog named Bella. When Bella escapes, Wanda is determined to get her frog back. Frizzle takes the class to several different places, until they find a perfect frog habitat.

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Ed Begley, Jr. The class learns about what makes things rot by getting small enough to examine a rotting log up close when Wanda attempts to have the log removed to plant a new tree in its place.

Desert Adaptation. Phoebe is worried about all the poor animals living in the desert. How will they ever survive? She decides to go to the desert in order to do something about it, and for once, Arnold is not complaining. This is due to his Field Trip Survival Guide. Carol Channing. Carlos invents a new instrument for the class concert at the "Sound Museum," but it sounds awful. When the bus breaks down, they miss the rehearsal, giving Carlos more time to perfect his instrument.

But to do so, the class must learn how sound is made in the middle of the night in the Sound Museum itself, where they learn about the history of the museum.

On Ms. Frizzle's birthday, the kids in the class want to throw a surprise party for her, but they do not have a cake. The bus is acting up on their field trip to the bakery, and it shrinks. How will the kids make Ms. Frizzle a cake when they are around a millimeter tall?

Dorothy Ann has brought a book about physics , but everyone else finds it boring. Ralphie borrows it from her to use it as a replacement for home plate, of which D. Frizzle decides to back up and get the book, but the bus shrinks and lands on page 97 which has a " frictionless " baseball field. The class soon learns that friction is needed for the simplest actions, from playing baseball to walking. However, when it comes time to leave, the book closes--and the kids and Ms. Frizzle get trapped in the book!

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The class is planting a garden, but Phoebe's plant is at her old school. The students decide to go there, but Phoebe is worried about Ms.

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Frizzle embarrassing her and her former teacher, Mr. Seedplot Robby Benson. The class is going to make a movie about ants, and Keesha is the director. She finds an ant to be the star, but the ant runs away to an ant hill with hundreds of other ants, leaving Keesha increasingly frustrated at her inability to find an ant to serve as the focus of the movie. Ralphie decides to call himself WeatherMan, but this angers Keesha who claims he is not. She tells him the heat is getting to him, which makes Ralphie angry; so he decides to prove his worth by creating a thunderstorm.

After he creates it, things go out of control.

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According to Ms. Frizzle, there is an island so new it still has yet to be discovered. Carlos wants to name it "Carlos Island," but Dorothy Ann has decided to get a name by looking in a book. However when they arrive, there is no island.

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Frizzle says it is because the island has not arrived yet. In the end, it turns out that the island was created by an underwater volcano. The bus is acting up, so Ms. Frizzle decides to take it to the Body Shop for repairs, owned by R. Humerus Tony Randall. Meanwhile, Ralphie has been dreaming what it would be like if he had a robot to do all his chores.

So he and the rest of the class minus Keesha want to try building one using all the gadgets in the body shop. First, though, they will have to understand how bones and muscles work. All the periods -- Triassic , Jurassic , and Cretaceous --are visited in the book, but time constraints forced the episode to be limited to showing only the Cretaceous Period.

In this episode, the kids visit Ms. Frizzle's old friend, Dr. Carmina Skeledon Rita Moreno , at a dinosaur dig. Skeledon lets Arnold see a fossilized dinosaur egg as the kids are leaving, and he still has it when they go back in time. An Ornithomimus steals the egg, and both Arnold and Phoebe chase after it.

The rest of the class is left to find them, and in the end, Arnold squares off with a T-Rex after being grown. Ralphie is convinced that Ms. Frizzle is a vampire when she shows up outfitted in a cape, speaking with a Transylvanian accent, and moving and talking like a vampire. The Friz is now taking all the kids's parents on a little field trip and Ralphie is convinced she is going to do something horrible to them.

This episode teaches that the majority of bats are not vampires, and that they are fascinating creatures. The class needs a new mascot for their soccer team, the old mascot being so old that nobody even knows what it is anymore. Phoebe is convinced it should be the butterfly, but the rest of the class disagrees with this. Janet shows up again and convinces the class that their mascot should be the "Bog Beast.

The kids have just come back from vacation and found that the vegetables that had won a contest have rotted. Keesha is particularly distressed, not because her first prize cucumber has rotted, but because it is gone and has been replaced with a pickle. Keesha reasons that the door to the classroom was locked over vacation and Ms.

Frizzle had the key.

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To everyone's surprise, Ms. Frizzle admits that she did do something to Keesha's cucumber. The kids put Ms. Frizzle on trial and make Liz the judge. Sherman Hemsley.