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A woman was widowed in midlife.

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Although her children were grown, the sudden death of her husband could have shattered her existence. They had been devoted to one another, and she had spent a good deal of her time making his life comfortable. But she endured, got through the mourning, assessed her life--from where she lived to how she would cope financially--and then she went on.


She has sold a too-large house in an isolated neighborhood; she is dating a man who is devoted to her; she is viewing her glass as half full, not half empty. She does not complain.

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  • She accepts the pain she has endured, but she opens herself to the pleasures life still holds. And she is not afraid to go after happiness.

    Another woman endured a marriage she had entered into very young. She raised three children and tried to grow within a relationship in which her husband could not accept that she had grown from a girl into a woman who wanted a life beyond the four walls of their home. She worked steadily at building financial security and professional prominence.

    She spent a decade or so figuring out what she wanted in relationships by having several unsuccessful ones.

    COMMITMENTS : It’s Not the Hand You’re Dealt, but How You Play It

    Although she lived in a beautiful area, it was not a place suited to her love of outdoor activities. She decided to take a leap into the unknown by starting her own business, consulting for companies in areas that she truly enjoyed, ones she said helped encourage and empower people. In her early 50s, she took advantage of the fact that, for the first time in 30 years, she had only herself to consider. Real happiness is hard to hide. I always say that motherhood can be a roller coaster of emotions and sometimes that ride can start from day one.

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    Four hours after Katie was born she had her first surgery, with many more to come. Within three short years she was walking with the help of braces and a walker, a task that we had been told would be impossible. I will never say that this is an easy road to go down, but if you have to go down it, it can be a beautiful journey.

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    We do have hard days, some harder than others. I would never wish for anyone to experience having to hand your child over to a doctor as he takes her away to the operating room. We have had to do that a handful of times and each time is just as hard as the first: at 14 months, when she went in for hip and pelvis surgery, leaving her in a body cast for 3 months; again at 18 months when they placed a shunt in her head to help drain the excess spinal fluid that was building up on her brain that was the hardest and most scariest time of my life ; and last, a surgery to remove the hardware from her hips and at the same time a minor surgery on her ankle.

    Playing the hand you’ve been dealt

    These past ten years have been life changing to say the least. We have spent many hours with doctors and therapists and in doing so have met some amazing people with courageous stories themselves. We have been put in a world that not all get to experience, a world where patience is tested, where miracles are witnessed, and strength is gained.

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    • CHALLENGE: Next time you feel like things are going terribly wrong in some aspect of your life, consider the idea that things might turn out much better than you expect. Your a amazing mama!

      Play the hand you're dealt. Lessons in living. | The Patranila Project

      Bless you for doing the hard work, seeing the bigger picture and being honest with the process that is NOT always easy. You make a difference not only in the lives of your family, but in the lives of those who are watching you. The little boy born at 33 weeks and drug addicted, little girl born at 29 weeks and drug addicted as well. Long story, mother was very ill, dad has addiction issues. So, your story encourages, inspires others to not give up and do their best.

      You sound like an amazing grandmother! Good for you and God bless you in your service to your grandchildren!