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Go to Cart Keep Shopping. Read Online Email Kindle Ebook to me. At first in cassette 90 min format by Library of Congress , narrated by Madelyn Buzzard books 1—10 , later by Audible Frontiers beginning in , narrated by Allyson Johnson. The Honorverse is a tightly plotted, highly organized invention that was designed with a specific overarching storyline. Its storyline has shifted from the original plan to include new enemies, and did not result in the battle death of heroine Honor Harrington, as was planned originally for book five, [5] and then later for book eleven.

Like some of the strategy employed by co-author Eric Flint in his series , the series has recently, starting with War of Honor , begun incorporating a broader viewpoint from more than one central character, many of whom, like in the series, appeared in other series works as supporting characters.

Stories in the Worlds of Honor collections directly lead to events and character stars of the Crown of Slaves CoS sub-series, whereas the Shadow of Saganami ' s star cast and some of the characters of the CoS derive directly from the mainline novels. Both contain purposely invented new protagonist characters as well. Weber deliberately has synchronized events in the mainline series with the tellings of local knowledge and vice versa in both sub-series.

In other words, the broad front on which he is now telling the overall story is geographically distinct, but synchronized in his timeline: events in one quadrant will affect life and events in the related narratives centred on other main characters. Short fiction in the series serves as deep backstory or, like the short stories centred directly on Honor Harrington, exposes episodes of her earlier career in much the same way C.

Forester revealed the not-yet-in-command life of the young Horatio Hornblower. Some of the more important of these tales reveal a greater knowledge of Sphinx's native species, letting the reader in on knowledge not known even to the Honorverse occupants. Among these tales are the revealed history of how treecats and humans first bonded, how the treecats protected and bonded with the Royal family, and other treecat tales of greater or lesser importance, such as how the treecat society decided to migrate to the stars. Other short stories expose points of view and life problems from places around the larger universe.

Some offer insights to life behind enemy lines in the view of its citizens and their experience, or that of a protagonist in the Verge, or in the Solarian League. This series features Stephanie Harrington, Honor Harrington's distant ancestor, and the first human to be adopted by a treecat:. This series, which begins eleven years after the first book in The Star Kingdom series, features Travis Uriah Long, an enlisted Navy man who gets promoted, and is centered about the small Manticoran Navy of that time.

It includes a short story published in Beginnings , "A Call to Arms", and is intended to include at least three novels: [18]. Honorverse A fan-made map of the regions in which the "Honorverse" stories are set. SWFA Pressbook. February 28, Archived from the original on March 14, Retrieved April 21, August 8, Retrieved April 22, The New York Times. April 27, Retrieved April 19, February Clarkesworld Magazine. Archived from the original on May 27, Retrieved May 27, Uncle Hugo's Science Fiction Bookstore. May Retrieved February 25, July 2, Retrieved July 5, Baen Books.

Retrieved April 14, Baen's Bar. Retrieved April 9, We have a draft of the next one, yes. March 5, is looking to be the likely pub date. Retrieved August 25, David Weber www.

September Retrieved September 16, Retrieved March 19, Jane Lindskold. Archived from the original on July 2, Retrieved July 2, David Weber. Retrieved February 17, Weber Forums.

Series: Honor Harrington Universe

Retrieved October 20, Retrieved October 21, Retrieved July 4, Retrieved December 23, Retrieved October 22, Retrieved September 24, Retrieved October 29, Retrieved September 20, Retrieved August 13, David Weber 's " Honorverse ". Stirling David Weber Timothy Zahn.

Works by David Weber. Path of the Fury In Fury Born. War God. Old Soldiers. July 2, in Beginnings. January 1, in More than Honor. A Beautiful Friendship novel [25]. February in Worlds of Honor. Fire Season novel [27]. Treecat Wars novel [28].

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A Call to Duty novel [29]. A Call to Arms novel [30]. Midshipwoman Harrington [35].