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As with most deep-fried things, the wrong oil temp can lead to soggy results. Good luck for next time. I made it too, and it came out perfectly! I just made it and cannot stop eating it. Even my carnivore boyfriend likes it. Andrea and Mary.. Andrea so sorry for your trouble. I know how it is to follow a recipe with all the ingredients and work that is takes to make and then not have it turn out the way you expected.

Mary I am so glad you shared this recipe. Delicious AND it was a tremendous Hit!! I will make the next batch — baked. My House brand did not turn out with flakey layers but it came out like chicken tenders. And the best chicken tenders I ever tasted. I will use another brand to get the flakey presentation. But no matter what, it will be eaten with thanks giving.

Def check your oil temp. Make sure the oil is back up to there before you add the next batch. Mine came out beautifully. What I did to season the tofu was to press it first, then soak in 3x strength veggie stock. Freeze, thaw, freeze, then squeeze again and then let it soak up new 3x strength veggie stock. Great question, Deborah. This particular gluten-free flour mix is highly recommended.

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Currently, I use mushroom seasoning with a little nutritional yeast sprinkled in. Thank you!

Crispy Pork Cutlets with Fennel Salad

I changed up the seasonings a bit to try to emulate KFC. My omni boyfriend was so impressed. Thank you for sharing your wizardry! Great question, Ori. Worked perfectly. Please let me know how it goes if you decide to try this. Hi Mary! Thank you for this wonderful recipe! It is very dificult in my country to find firm or medium firm tofu, so I use your recipe to make my own firm tofu with lemon as a coagulant I press it for about 45 minutes…Can I use it to make this?

And if I can, how should I freeze it? Thank you again. Please let me know how it turns out if you try it. Your food experiments amaze me, thank you so much for this! This is listed with the soy free section???? Thanks for the great recipes and youtube demonstrations. I made this yesterday.

9 Delicious Vegan-Friendly Dinners

It tasted just like fried chicken to me, my mom and my sister. If you are not going to use a dipping sauce it definitely has to be well seasoned. Otherwise, it was crispy and crunchy. That made it so much fun to eat. Going forward I will only prep my tofu in this manner.

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Thank you for the research and allowing me to use it. Rather than pulling apart in fabulous flakes, it came apart in crumbly bits, so I ended up cutting the tofu into nugget sized chunks with a knife instead. Everything else worked out very well, the seasoned flour and the crunchy bits were delicious! I made some minor adjustments to the seasonings, adding paprika and old bay seasoning to the flour mixture to add a little more oomph to the taste. Thanks for sharing your experience! Firm and extra firm tofu tends to get grainy and crumbly.

I cant seem to find Medium firm tofu anywhere. It doesnt look like I can purchase it online either. I am only finding firm, extra firm and silken.

Im desperate to make these. I tried with firm but it was crumbly not flake layers like yours. Ask them to carry it! Good luck, Jenny -Mary. Look in the grocery aisle where Asian products are. Often they have non refrigerated tofu. Also check deli section with vegan items. Can anyone help please? Hi Deborah! We all kept eating it right off the rack as soon as it came out of the wok…. OMG what a great recipe- a new family favourite for sure!

Thank you so much for this! This recipe turned out perfectly! I used the drippings to make country gravy. Thank you Mary!!! Nice touch with the country gravy!

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I made this and it turned out fabulous!! It didnt come out quite so layery as yours but im going to try different tofu brands. But it was so satisfying and not heavy and greasy like real chicken is. And it is great cold too! Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe!!